10 Awkward Things Everyone Does But Never Admits To

Have you ever done something so embarrassing that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Below is a list of 10 awkward things that everyone does, but never admits to!

1. Walking the wrong way then suddenly realizing

You’re walking along in public, on the way to a shop when suddenly you realize you’re walking the wrong way. You don’t want to look silly by turning around, so you look at your phone and pretend to be reading a message from someone telling you to come back, then you quickly walk the other way as if someone is waiting for you. Now no one will know you were walking the wrong way, AND it looks like you have friends! Yay!

2. Running back to bed after turning the lights out

So you’re upstairs lying in bed, and your throat feels like someone shoveled a sandpit into it, but you’re too lazy to get up and get a drink. You try your best to fall asleep, but it just ain’t happening… so begrudgingly, you slouch out of bed, switch on the light and make your way down stairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water. On the way back, you switch off the light and make your way back to your room. You glance behind you and notice how dark it is down the hall… Fuck that! So you RUN as fast as you can back to your room and dive under the covers. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone your afraid of monsters in the dark.

3. Laughing and agreeing when you don’t hear what someone says

We’ve all done it. You’re hanging out with a group of people you’re only just met, when suddenly someone says something which makes the whole group laugh.. Naturally you laugh too, just to fit in. That is, until you realize they where talking about you..

4. Checking yourself out in a reflective window, when you realize someone is behind it wondering what you are staring at.

You’re walking through the car park, on your way to an important meeting, when you decide that you’d better double check that you look okay. As you’re staring into a nearby car window, making funny faces and picking pimples, your gaze slowly drifts past the reflection and into the window. That is when you notice the mortified person sitting there shitting their pants. Whoops!

5. Pretending not to notice colleagues in public

You’re walking around the shopping center, minding you’re own business, when you notice an old friend from high school. CRAP! It’s not that you don’t like them, but you TOTALLY don’t feel like having an awkward conversation with them right now about what the two of you have been up to lately. That is when you notice them looking right back at you. DOUBLE CRAP! You quickly look away and pretend to be totally immersed in something nearby and silently wish that they don’t approach you.

6. Purposely changing your walking pace so that you can step on the colored squares at the shopping mall

Yeah you know what I’m talking about. We all done it as kids. You walk through the shopping mall, purposely maneuvering yourself so that you step on the colored squares. Make sure you don’t step on those cracks though! Don’t want to go breaking your mothers back… admit it, you still do it.

7. Walking up stairs on all fours when no one else is watching

Animal mode. ENGAGE! Double points if you’ve ever been caught. Triple points if it was by your crush, or even worse.. your boss.

8. Remembering something funny at the most inappropriate moment

So you’re sitting with a group of friends, zoning out, when for no apparent reason you remember yesterday when you farted in class and no one knew it was you. You start giggling to yourself, when you notice everyone is staring at you… “What?” that is when you realize that Billy was just telling everyone that his grandma has cancer… awkward.

9. Making stupid faces in front of the mirror

You’ve just jumped out of the shower and you’re drying yourself off, when you look up into the mirror and notice how sexy you are *cough*. You figure, what the hell.. and start making the weirdest faces you possible can. And they say the first sign of insanity is talking  to yourself..

10. Say “You too!” at inappropriate moments

You’re at a fancy restaurant with your date, when the waiter comes over with your delicious food. “Enjoy your meal!”, she says. Without thinking you reply “You too!”. You realize 5 seconds later when she starts looking at you strangely. Whoops..

Thanks for reading guys! Do you have any other weird or crazy things that you do and think that no one else does? Let us know in the comments! you may not be alone..

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6 thoughts on “10 Awkward Things Everyone Does But Never Admits To

  1. I only do number 8, must mostly alone. Or sitting in the train.

    I don’t give a fuck, If i wanna laugh i laugh, people can are.
    Most times im wearing blood drenched spikes and a black leather anyway, plus an 6 inch goatee.

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